April 18, 2024

Special thanks and shout out to the volunteers from Virginia United Methodist Foundation that gave us a hand today! They were given the tour and then jumped right in to help today. We thank them and hope they will join us again soon! 

February 2024

At Century Distribution Systems, Inc. we are dedicated to serving our communities. This week, our IT team based in Richmond, VA spent the day volunteering at The LAMBS Basket, a non-profit organization that fights food insecurity by providing residents with food at the pantry and through deliveries. Century volunteers checked food deliveries into the food bank, recorded expiration dates, and stocked shelves. But the hard work and fun didn’t end there! They also bagged bulk items and prepared bags of snacks for children as outbound food parcels. This volunteer day presented a meaningful way to support our peers in need. A heartfelt thank you to every Century participant for their impactful contributions!

February 2024

Loved having these folks come and volunteer with us today! They brought the muscle and the smarts and helped us check in and date new donations, put together bags of food for distribution to our clients, transfer items to refill our big meat freezer, you name it, they did it! We are so grateful for groups from our community that come in and give their time for the benefit of others! THANK YOU!  Kevin and Doug from Henrico County Police , Anita Spain from Henrico County Public Utilities Kristy Gahn from Henrico County Real Estate and Ferus Martin from Henrico County Mental Health and Five-O's Tiki Foundation.
Thank you, Thank you!

December 2019

Very generous donation from the wonderful folks at Chewning + Wilmer! Thank you!  C+W thanks everyone that participated in our Holiday Food Drive! Our employees, customers, vendors helped us exceed our goals!  Our total raised was $10,701.00 which translated to 20,628 pounds of food delivered to The LAMBS Basket today. That totals to just over 65,800 individual servings of food for Henrico County residents in need. God Bless & Merry Christmas to All!